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News and Activities, Winter 2014-2015

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This year we will be reading in the Gospels, corresponding to Pastor Ron's Sunday messages. Each Sunday we'll put the following weeks Scripture passages in the bulletin. You can also follow along using 'The One-Year Chronological Bible'. (We can guarantee that the New Living Translation's passages correspond to our listed readings. Others may also, but not all do.) This the easiest way to do the readings.



on Friday, December 5 at 9am we (this 'we' includes you?) will decorate our Sancturary and Fellowship Hall for the Christmas season. It's not necessary to be creative as we follow a set plan. Many thanks to Dave Volponi, who always does the high work!

There is a job for everyone, and if you can join us we would be ever so thankful.



Threefold communion will be held Sunday evening, December 7 at 5:30 p.m. The evening starts with a love feast, then then men and women separate for a foot-washing (you can participate actively or observe). We close off with a time of sharing and singing followed by celebration of the Lord's supper. Hope to see you there.



On Saturday, December 13 at 10:00 am we will gather for a cookie party where we will celebrate Christmas and also make plates to share with members of our community who need a touch of Christmas cheer. Come with a batch of your favoriate cookies and names and delivery info of those you would like to bless.

If you want to deliver we could use help with that as well.

Contact pam at the office for more info on who to reach out to.



The Food Closet is open the Friday following the third Tuesday every month. Donations of canned items, personal hygiene products, and household cleaning items are always appreciated. If you would care to donate any of these items, they can be left in the kitchen or call us and we will arrange to get them from you.

We can't thank the members of this congregation enough for their continued generosity and their donations of food and funds for the Food Closet, and we so appreciate our many faithful and hard-working volunteers. The Lord has truly blessed this ministry.




Two members of our church family are collecting and redeeming aluminum cans and California redemption value plastic bottles and giving proceeds to GEFC. If you'd like to make donations contact Mike Buckley or Dick Faux (phone numbers available via the church office). You can drop items at their homes.

We are not collecting these items at the church, but if you wish to make a vehicle-to-vehicle transfer on Sunday morning, call Mike ahead and time and set up an appointment.