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News and Activities, January & February 2012

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Is 2012 Your Year of Transformation?

The Holy Bible is the best-selling book of all time but possibly the least-read book of our time. It's the book voted one most would want if they were stranded on a desert island but you don't have to go that far! You can purchase a copy of a large print slim-line paperback version of this Bible or ask for a free outline of the daily readings if you prefer to use your own Bible or e-reader. Read prayerfully, the Bible is all the transformation you will ever need. Call the church office at 962-7131 for ordering information.

You can see the books online: click here (order with us to save on shipping & handling).


The description for the book is:

Now available in large print editions, The One Year Chronological Bible is ideal for anyone who wants to take a fresh look at the Bible by reading it in the order the events actually happened. You can read the entire Bible in as little as 15 minutes a day with this One Year Bible, the best-selling daily reading Bible brand.

... The One Year Chronological Bible also has:

  • 365 daily readings to help you read the entire Bible chronologically in one year
  • Transition statements to help you understand why some Scripture portions appear where they do
  • Historical dates indicating when the events actually occurred
  • A general timeline of major events to give you a clear overview of Israel's history
  • A Scripture index in canonical order to help you find your favorite passages quickly and easily

You do not have to be a Bible historian to appreciate the fascinating new perspective waiting for you in The One Year Chronological Bible. It's like reading some of your favorite passages again for the very first time.



Mission Trip Opportunities

The GEFC MissionForce is exploring several possibilities that range from down the road to around the world. They include:
- A week spent within the state to assist disabled children and thier families at a camp with joni and friends
- A two week mission trip to Israel potentially ministring through such skills as carpentry, gardening and teaching (This would include several days of educational turism in hte Holy Land).
- Training nataional teachers to pass on Biblical values to thir students in such places as Latin America and former Soviet Union with Campus Crusade's International Student Project. (This is the group with which our church missionaries, Paul and Susan Yost, minister.)
- Various evangelism and church planting trips with e3 partners, with whom GEFC has worked three times previously..

Join us for pizza and vision casting on Friday, February 17 at 5:30pm. We'll be talking about possible dates, cost and goals.



Craft Days are Back

All ladies are invited to join us every Monday at 1pm, starting February 6. You can park at th eback of the church and come in the back door if you wish. There will be things to do for various skill levels and interests. Come check us out!

For more information, contact Sally (5668), Carol (7528) or Judy (6025).



Single Women - You Are Invited

All single ladies... save the date for the 2nd Annual "Galentine's" Luncheon. Feb 14, 12noon at GEFC.


Free Church Women's Ministries

What is FCWM? The Free Church Women's Ministries. We have been putting on a bi-annual quilt show and craft sale for many years. More recently, we have been reaching out to missionaries. If you come to our church you are welcome to be a part of this outreach. All interested ladies are invited to a planning meeting to discuss having another quilt show this fall and to discuss doing some other FCWM ministries as well. We will be meeting downstairs on January 23rd at 1:00pm.


Firewood Ministry

GEFC has been partnering with Rotary Club and Groveland Community service District to help those in need get firewood. If you are interested in helping split and deliver this needed fuel, please contact Jim Goodrich.




Church Exit Plan

Can't wait to get away from church on Sunday? Tired of sitting in traffic in the Church parking lot? Feeling tempted to leave just a bit earlty "to avoid the rush"? An alternative exit at the north end of the parking lot {toward the baseball field} is available for your use to help alleviate the traffic congestion between services. "Try it, you may like it."



Food Closet Needs

The Food Closet is open the Friday following the third Tuesday every month. Donations of canned items, personal hygiene products, and household cleaning items are always appreciated. If you would care to donate any of these items, they can be left in the kitchen or call us and we will arrange to get them from you.

We can't thank the members fo this congregation enough for their continued generosity and their donations of food and funds for the Food Closet, and we so appreciate our many faithful and hard-working volunteers. The Lord has truly blessed this ministry.



Cash for Cans

Two members of our church family are collecting and redeeming aluminum cans and California redemption value plastic bottles and giving proceeds to GEFC. If you'd like to make donations contact Mike Buckley or Dick Faux (phone numbers avaialable via the church office). You can drop items at their homes.

We are not collecting these items at the church, but if you wish to make a vehicle-to-vehicle transfer on Sunday morning, call Mike ahead and time and set up an appointment.